Sara's Story (part 1)

    Sara has 100K followers on YouTube, but none of them know she's a undocumented. Sara decides to come out to her followers to shed light on her situation.

  • Immigrant Voices of America is an eight-episode documentary-series sharing the immigrant experience in the United States of America. Each episode highlights a different immigrant group and the challenges they face with their immigration status. Each story showcases the hardships, triumphs, and aspirations from these brave men and women as they strive to achieve a better life in the US.


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  • Stories

    Esther Alvarado

    Political Asylum & Immigration Detention

    Fleeing from an abusive husband and then being detained for two months in Arizona, Esther, an undocumented mother must now face the uncertainty of being diagnosed with breast cancer and the repercussions that will have on her kids and family.

    Sara Sandoval

    DACA & YouTube

    Sara has over 100K followers on YouTube, but none of them know she's undocumented. After the possibility of DACA being terminated by the Trump Administration, Sara decides to fight back by coming out to her followers to shed light about her undocumented status.

    Zepeda Family


    The Zepeda family are just one out of thousands of families with TPS that are in danger of being separated by Trump’s crackdown on immigrants. Several families with TPS sued the Trump Administration in hopes this will halt their family separations.

    Cristel Martinez


    Cristel is on the verge of becoming an immigration attorney as she hopes to represent unaccompanied minors in immigration court. These minors remind her of her youth as she too ventured from Honduras to the US as a nine-year-old.

    Anita Jamili

    Travel Ban

    Anita wants to get married and grow her family, but her life has been put on hold due to the Travel Ban the Trump Administration has put in place. It has been over seven months since she has accompanied her fiancé from Iran for his visa interview.

    Patrick Dela Cruz

    DACA & UndocuQueer

    Living life as an undocumented immigrant is hard enough, but identifying as queer as well adds an extra layer of visibility that doesn’t always warrant a welcoming gaze. As an UndocuQueer Filipinx, Patrick focuses his attention on his studies.

    Liza Nelson

    WWII Survivor

    For the first time, Liza shares her survival story as a young Jewish teenager living in Nazi-Occupied France during WWII.


    Undocumented Black Migrant

    Shirleen is a Kenyan student studying to be a medical practitioner, but the fact that she is undocumented possess a huge barrier for advancing her career. She fights alongside her peers for more opportunities for undocumented students.

  • Additional Videos


    A DREAMER's Story

    Erika came to the US from Mexico when she was fourteen years old to reunite with her father. Growing up in California she knew she was undocumented, but what she didn’t know what life was going to be as an undocumented person and all the obstacles that come with it. She is now a social worker and activist in pursuit of immigration reform.

  • Behind the Scenes

    Miguel Angel Duran

    Creator of Immigrant Voices of America

    Miguel Angel Duran is a film director, producer, editor, and cinematographer. For over fifteen years, he has created over 400 video projects ranging from short commercials to feature length documentaries. Miguel has worked with Fortune 500 companies like Apple, NBC, Disney and Johnny Rockets. Since the age of fifteen, his work has been shown both domestically and internationally. For information click here.

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